Comprehensive Internet Marketing, Local SEO, and Social Media Services For Ventura County Businesses

Free Marketing for Ventura County Businesses is a FREE internet marketing platform for Ventura County Businesses. promotes businesses by creating local web marketing and branding within each city of Ventura County.  If you own or manage a business within Ventura County, is another source to market your products and services. The service is FREE, but we do ask for one key requirement,  you attempt to patronize or refer clients to fellow local businesses featured on

We believe by providing this service for FREE, will create long term relationships and goodwill with local consumers and businesses who are struggling in this tough economy and in the process achieve the goal of increased sales growth for participating local businesses.

The response from local businesses so far has been very exciting. We have a goal of adding approximately 5 – 10 new businesses each week. Please visit the site to review our newly featured businesses and educational features.

The process is very simple; If you are interested in becoming a “Featured Business” on,  please call Jeff Wettstein or Mana Tulbergs, Presidents of 805County. You will then be assigned a local city representative who will come out to your business, interview the owner/manager, and then write a “Featured Business” article.  Once the article is “posted” on, the local representative will share with you some ideas on how to use the article to market your business not only on the web but through local direct marketing.

Remember the service is FREE, we look forward to hearing from you.

To contact Jeff Wettstein call 805-889-3332 or

To Contact Mana Tulberg call 805-443-8898 or

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